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Our Mission

New Sales Prospects in Europe and the US

We support small to medium-sized businesses in their marketing needs leading to the successful development of new markets in Europe and the US. We ensure a smooth entry into the market, identifying qualified sales partners and supervising order fulfillment. We develop public relations and communication tailored to the specific export market. In addition, we provide specialized legal counsel, and assist in obtaining importers and distributors while building up your representation abroad.

International USA


Business Communication/Brand Building and Management/Sales Marketing

For the past 25 years we have created and expanded brands, developed growth and sales concepts for small and medium-sized businesses, assisted in the application of these concepts, and created successful marketing and communication strategies.

Cloud USA

Your Opportunity to Become Competitive

Do take Advantage of our Experience and Extensive Network for your Business

We offer support for consultation and operations implementation of your marketing strategies. We have an extensive international network of highly experienced service enterprises in the areas of Corporate Identity and Design, Brand Building and Development, Marketing Communication, PR, Marketing Sales, and Distribution and Logistics.

Resume Gernot Wunder

25 years of Experience in Marketing and Communication

Since March 2012 I have been following an internationally aligned strategy with wunderGERMANY and wunderUSA. I founded the advertising agency WUNDERHAUS, based in Germany, in 2001 and managed it as a shareholder and managing director until its sale in 2012. Previously, during the peak of new markets between 1998 and 2001, I accompanied Public Sky Inc. in their stock market launch both as shareholder and managing director. Since 1986, I have been shareholder and managing director of various businesses in the areas of Communication, and Marketing and Trade, particularly those in the field of Lifestyle. While obtaining my degree in business administration and management, with a focus in Marketing/Communications, I had the opportunity to enhance my experience in design and fashion marketing by serving as the personal assistant to Professor Heinz Oestergaard for a number of years.